György László Szabó, dr. jur.

György László Szabó, dr. jur was born in the Hungarian Capital of Budapest in 1953. Nevertheless, he spent most of his adult life in North America more particularly in Montreal, Quebec and is fluent in both English and French.
Both his wife, Maria and him moved back to Hungary officially in 2012 where he continued his studies in Law and engaged thereafter, in the challenging field of the Legal profession. His thesis (dissertation) is written based on the subject of Real Estate Law, in the scope of insurance coverage and its implications on real property as a whole since, it involves a large segment of the population here and abroad in our global village.
He is presently a Partner in Szűcs & Partners, Law Firm. On account of his extensive local and international experience and knowledge, he represent our Office in most international legal and paralegal affaires according to the highest standards of representation. His approach is based on a trustworthy partnership with his own principals. He believes in genuine dedication and professionalism to his clients in accordance to the legal code of ethics we, as lawyers, are governed by.
Furthermore, his legal practice covers all aspects of the so called “Classical” as mentioned below.

Corporate law
Business law
Real estate law
Intellectual Property law
Data Propection law
Estate representation law